Reconnecting with the Plant Kingdom 

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Time spent in nature lifts the spirits, makes one feel more whole, more alive ~ that is because we are nature! There is no separation.

I am a passionate believer that reconnection with the wild both outside, and within, ourselves is the key to great health for each of us individually and for the planet as a whole.

Such reconnection comes from acknowledgement, respect and communication.

Indigenous traditions the world over communicate with their surroundings, with plant life; they respect and communicate with the intelligence in nature. This is an innate ability within all of us, it just needs reawakening. With a little practice we too can learn directly from our relations ~ the plants and the trees.

This website was formed to disseminate this wisdom, to teach about how this reconnection can occur for all people.

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If you would like to deepen your connection to your inner wild, to the natural world, to the plant realms or would like to be empowered and gain confidence in using plants as medicines, look no further! Make this a year for exploring your connection to Gaia & for falling in love with every plant, every tree over & over again. 

"Really enjoyed the weekend Rachel. Thanks a lot." Bruce Parry, TV presenter & documentary maker.

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"I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop... I really enjoyed your gentle approach... it was a really nourishing, lovely day." Juin Gibson, Sacred Plant Essence worker.