Individual teaching tailored to meet your unique interests...

Individual sessions are tailored to specifically fit you and what you are looking for in your relationship with plants and/ or your rewilding path. During a 1~2~1 session you can expect to develop and deepen your connection to nature and plants. This process is inevitably healing, and most certainly will go some way to healing your separation from nature, but this is not a treatment, if you are looking for one please follow this link.

Sessions can include:

  • Expanding your connection with plants and plant medicines.
  • Learning of individual plants and their unique medicine for you.
  • Making herbal remedies, including harvesting and processing in a sacred manner which in turn potentiates the medicines you create.
  • Developing your relationships with plants, beyond your physical connection but also emotionally and spiritually.
  • Shamanic journey and other methods to facilitate meeting with nature spirits.
  • Finding your plant allies.
  • Tapping into natures' universal wisdom and your own inner knowing.
  • Learning to develop and trust your intuition and body wisdom.
  • Nurturing your connection with the nature outside of yourself and your own inner wildness.

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Each 1~2~1 session will be three hours in length, which gives plenty of time to learn some useful techniques, and gain some insights that you will be able to use again and again in the development of your relationship with nature and plants.

1~2~1 sessions can be taken as a one off, but are not limited to one session, there is much to learn. I have taught both a woman from Kenya, and one from Switzerland who had four three hour sessions each, back-to-back over a two day period. The choice is yours...

The cost of a three hour session is £90. If you are interested in a 1~2~1 session please email or call me, Rachel Corby, on 07772137719 to discuss your specific interests and to book a date. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Please note that I am based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. If you are unable to travel to meet with me in person for a 1~2~1 session I am also available for Skype consultations

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Be present as the world of plants opens up before you unearthing countless green companions to share your earthly journey with. You never need be alone once you have firmly opened the door and entered the green kingdom with an open heart Y