Sacred Ecology: A Rewilding Apprenticeship 

The next rewilding apprenticeship will begin on 24th April 2019, at Compton Dundon in Somerset.



This rewilding apprenticeship is an unlearning process; an exquisite journey of co-creation, an opportunity to reconnect with your wild self; with the wildness of the world. You will discover bliss through biognosis as you travel deeply into the ecology of your soul, into the wild lands of Gaia.

Areas we will explore to find and inhabit those wild lands include:
 shape shifting ~ plant consciousness ~ sensory acuity ~ deep ecology ~ wild food & medicine foraging ~ shamanic journey ~ plant whispering ~ deep nature immersion ~ sacred plant medicine ~ visceral wakefulness ~ vision quest ~ conscious movement ~ ferment making ~ herbal remedy making ~ cleansing ~ body wisdom ~ plant spirit communication ~ intuitive awareness ~ Gaian connectivity ~ Earthing ~ forest bathing ~ medicine walks ~ direct perception ~ heart based cognition ~ personal shadow work

There can be no exact syllabus for this kind of deep dive; the wild does not work that way. We will seek its council, and as together we co-create, we will ebb and flow at a pace and in a direction that is right and true for all in our circle.

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