Sacred Plant Teachers ~ The Art of the Invisible

Dates & Time: Tuesday evenings - 16th, 23rd, 30th January & 06th February 2018. From 1930 until approximately 2100.

Location: Stroud, Gloucs.

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Over the four evenings we will be honouring and meeting shamanic teacher plants. The plants we will work with may include Salvia divinorum, Peyote, & San Pedro. Our time together will not involve ingesting the teacher plants, rather we will work with the spirits of the plants.

Unfurl your own ability to communicate with these powerful, ancient plant spirits and access their wisdom.

Work with the invisibles, the plant spirits, and feel the essence of each plants magic.

Receive messages from the invisibles expressly for you.

Using both direct perception and heart based cognition we will transcend the physical with a true feeling, a knowing of the individual plants. To conclude the work with each plant we encounter we will undertake a shamanic journey to meet with the spirit of each plant and ask for a personal message (No previous experience of shamanic journey necessary).

At this time, interest in ancient teacher plants is rapidly widening, their ingestion as sacrament, as divine medicine, is becoming mainstream. Despite beautiful and amazing insights experienced during ceremonies it can be difficult to extract a personal message or follow through on your insightful thoughts. Through joining this workshop learn a different way to approach these revered teachers and leave inspired, impassioned and with each plant deeply embedded within your heart. Accessing the wisdom of the teacher plants with direct perception and heart based cognition is more gentle than ingestion, allowing time for you to really start to know the plant and bring the teachings back into your daily life. This is the way of the ancients and is the groundwork for deeper interactions between yourself and the teacher plants. Every indigenous shaman will have met and acquainted themselves with the physical plant, and its spirit, before ingesting the sacrament and working with it in far realms.

This series of evenings will be highly experiential, we will learn from the plants themselves.

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Investment: £60. Group size will be limited to a maximum of 4 participants. To make a payment please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Refund Policy: The £60 investment is non refundable unless someone can be found to fill your place.


Sacred Plant Teachers ~ the art of the invisible 

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