Individual plant spirit & rewilding coaching

I am available for Skype sessions during which I can guide and advise you on methods and techniques for opening up to communication with plant spirits and nurturing that connection. We can also work with ways to drop some of your domestication and open up to the wild in the world.

If you can use skype on your phone that would be ideal so that you can go outside during our session. Either way, plan to be alone in a quiet and private space for your consultation, so that we can proceed uninterrupted and so that you gain the most from the session. I also recommend you to have a pen and paper at the ready so that you can take notes, where relevant, to aid your memory afterwards.

I charge £35 for a 45minute - 1 hour Skype consultation. The fee is to be paid in advance. It is often useful to have at least one follow up session to see how you got on and to take your rewilding, your connection with nature and plant spirits, to the next level.

Working with nature and plant spirits will always have an healing effect on some level as you reintegrate with Gaia, with the thoughts and feelings of this amazing planet. If you are curious please contact me directly at to book a session.

 I look forward to hearing from you :)


If you would prefer individual plant spirit or rewilding coaching with me in person please follow this link...