The Medicine Garden

There is a natural abundance of medicines and remedies growing freely and generously outside our back doors . A walk around the average garden, along a hedgerow, through a meadow or in the woods, gives us all access to nature's own medicine cabinet - for free.

The Medicine Garden will lead you througheverything you need to know in order to harvest, prepare and administer an untold number of natural remedies; such as infusions, oils, tinctures and syrups. It also covers the important issues of recommended dosages and cautions.

Learn how to treat:

  • headlice with aquilegia seed.
  • mouth ulcers with fresh basil leaf.
  • colds with raw onion.

The book includes a selection of beautiful photography illustrating some of the plants featured.

"I sat in the garden today after pruning my apple tree and read your book cover to cover. Wow. What an amazing piece of work - so diverse and well written. I've never read anything like it. I love that you talked about such different plants and moved from the garden to the sea. Beautiful. Well done." K. Sidhu, Medical Herbalist.

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columbine flowers


Working with plant medicines is not as straightforward as simply extracting active chemicals.  Plants are not an exact science, there is a mystery involved.  Acknowledging a plant as you would another living being allows the unlocking of multiple layers that will deepen and enhance your medicine making experience.  I recommend trying the suggestions laid out in Appendix I of the book, then you can decide for yourself. 

Due to space limits within the book the original version of Appendix I had to be shortened. I have provided the unabridged version for those of you that found it interesting, useful, and would like a little more here...

"I am really enjoying reading your book, it is a joy, thank you. I do have to say that I find a lot of the medical herbal books a bore - whereas this just enriches my love affair with plants, makes me want to get out there & start connecting, harvesting, creating & healing with the plants - so thank you for re inspiring me." Nicola, Wales.

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