Exploring the shamanic dreamstate, plant consciousness & personal rewilding


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Sacred Plant Medicine Mentorship Programme

03-09/19. Online course with personal Skype sessions.

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Forest Bathing

05/04/19 @ near Stroud, Glos.

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Sacred Ecology: A Rewilding Apprenticeship

04-09/19 @ Somerset & Snowdonia.

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Sacred Plant Medicine Immersion

03-06/10/19 @ Brook End, Somerset.

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Skype Consultations

Individual plant spirit communication, sacred plant medicine & rewilding coaching

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1~2~1 Sessions

Individual tutoring tailored to fit your own personal interests

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Private Bookings

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Rachel Corby, author of The Medicine Garden, 20 Amazing Plants & their Practical Uses, and Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature will be hosting the workshops. 

Rachel was first introduced to the concept of plant spirit communication in 1998 under the guidance of Don Jaime, a shaman based on the banks of the Rio Napo in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Since then she has undertaken a variety of studies which have helped deepen her sense of connection to nature and understanding of Gaian interconnectivity alongside developing her sophistication of communication with the spirits of plants. Her teachers have included; Patrick Whitefield, Nathanial Hughes, Stephen Harrod Buhner and Eliot Cowan. She has been teaching plant spirit work since 2006.

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"Rachel holds a very nurturing and sacred space.  She has led me on deep journeys with plants where I connected with them in a very profound and insightful way.  Her teachings are clear, full of warmth and an intuitive wisdom that comes from a place of deep knowledge.  She has helped me open to the beauty and magic of the plant kingdom which co-exists with us on this earth."  Helene, Authentic Movement Instructor

"I would thoroughly recommend Rachels workshops. I am a professional Plants & Flower photographer, after attending Rachel`s series of workshops on Plant Spirit Journeying, it deepened my understanding of the plant realm. I now ask the plant spirits permission when I photograph plants, it's amazing some of the answers I receive. It has made me work in a very different way. The workshops have made me see in a whole different light, in that I am now in connection with the essence and spirit of my subjects, a true symbiotic relationship with our plant friends. This has carried over to all aspects of my life, an incredible magical journey."
Stephen Studd, Award Winning Gardens, Plants & Flower Photographer

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Rachel is available to give walks, talks & workshops for individuals, groups & events on any of the following topics:

  • Medicine foraging
  • Using common plants as remedies (teas, tinctures, oils, syrups, salves, etc.)
  • Rewilding
  • Food as preventative medicine
  •  Introduction to Permaculture   
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Sacred Plant Medicine
  • Plant spirit communication
  • Deep ecology of the soul
  • The ecstatic path - bliss through biognosis

Contact her at info@gatewaystoeden.com or 07772137719                                              

ivy leaves, plant spirit

 "Thank you for a great weekend, both inspiring and (unsurprisingly) down to earth.  We both loved it"  L & D, Brighton

"Thanks so much for the wonderful day with the plant spirits and all your knowledge - a real insight into the subtle, incredible, humbling world of the Green Man!" D.S., Bath